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Technology and Tracking

A Blend Of Technology and Nic-Nav Know How

At Nicholls we use the latest vehicle tracking and planning systems.

If you can keep your head cool when all around are losing theirs, then you might be able to work in traffic, like Adam.

Technology and Tracking

Haulier Enterprise

To effectively plan jobs we use a piece of software called Haulier Enterprise. Haulier Enterprise is a powerful piece of software which enables our traffic and accounts staff to do a variety of different tasks. Some of these tasks include:

  • Allocate resources such as trucks and trailers to jobs.
  • PODs (Proof of Delivery Notes) can be scanned and uploaded to our integrated (proof of delivery) portal. Through this portal clients can access and view PODs that have been added to the system.
  • Ability to manage and edit company resources such as trucks and trailers.
  • The ability to run and generate different report types.
  • Create and set-up invoice documents for customers, as well as view outstanding invoice documents.
Webfleet Solutions (formerly Tom Tom Telematics)

To track our fleet of vehicles we use tracking programs from tracking and navigation providers such as Webfleet Solutions (formerly Tom Tom Telematics). It is extremely important that we know the locations of all of our vehicles. By seeing and knowing the locations of all of our vehicles we are not required to phone a driver each time we want to know their current location. By knowing vehicle locations we can keep our clients updated on the progress of their collections and deliveries.

The tracker also enables us to run reports and perform historical tracking.  Historical tracking allows us to visually see the route a vehicle has taken on a specific date and time via the map showing a vehicles arrival and departure times. The tracker also allows us to run and check reports on driver styles and habits to show cases of over revving, excessive idling, harsh braking and harsh steering which helps us to retrain.


We use Tachomaster to ensure driver compliance. Tachomaster allows us to monitor both our vehicle and driver performances to check that we are operating safely within the law.

In-Cab Cameras

All of our vehicles are being fitted with in-cab cameras. These in-cab cameras record a vehicles journey from start to finish. In the event of an accident any footage that has been recorded by an installed vehicle camera can be used as evidence for accident purposes.


On The Blower!

Bluetooth - Miracle Of The Modern Age!

All of our vehicles are equipped with their own mobile phones and have Bluetooth hands-free technology installed. Nothing can replace a quick chat to find out exactly what’s going on. It’s safer for our drivers and helps our traffic staff, workshop staff, other road users and occasionally the police and emergency services. It gives our drivers peace of mind knowing that they can take and make calls whilst they are on the road.

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